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    If your pullet is really a roo-llet? My last batch is a mix of different breeds. My Black Sexies were easy to figure out. Not so hard with my RIR's. The feathered fiends that I have now have all different size & types combs and some do and don't have waddles all ready even at 8 weeks old.

    Does anyone have a picture of the spurs on a roo? I'm trying to figure out where I'm suppose to be looking for these to develop. All I think I see on my feathers are toes, lol. But I don't know for sure, never had a roo.


    PS. No one has tried crowing yet. But I think Fudge Swirl is a Red Sexlink Roo.
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    You wont see those spurs till they're about 9 months old and you've known for ages the sex. Look at the legs. RIR cockerels have much thicker legs than the pullets.
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    the tail and hackle feathers are a giveaway sometimes
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    I posted this a few days ago but it didn't get much interest. Here are some basics for telling pullets from roos, according to UC Davis Veterinary Care Program. I got this from their website.

    2. Physical Characteristics (4-6 weeks of age)
    a. Comb – The cockerels comb is medium size and pinkish, the pullets is small and yellowish.
    b. Legs – The cockerel’s legs are sturdy and long, the pullets are finer and shorter.
    c. Tail – The cockerel’s tail is stumpy and curved, the pullets is longer and straight.
    d. Back – The cockerel has a thin line of stub feathers down the center of his back, the pullet has more advanced feathering along the center of her back.
    e. Side of neck, flank and crop – The feathering in the cockerel in these areas is poorly advanced, the pullets feathering in these areas is well advanced.
    f. Wing bows – In the cockerel the wing bows are bare, in pullets the wing bows are covered with small feathers.

    These proved to be true so far with my chicks. Mine are almost 5 and 6 weeks old. Not sure how old your chicks are.

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    Quote:Did you find at even days old...some of this worked to tell the difference or did you have to wait a week or so????


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