Best age to put pullets with a 9lb rooster?


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Apr 14, 2013
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My plan is to divide the coop and run to get the pullets out of the house, which is easy enough to do. Should I wait until they are the same size as my current hens to put them all together? I'm a bit concerned about him mating with them and hurting them due to his size. I wish I could just explain to him their babies and to keep busy with the older ladies, lol. Hopefully it'll be within the next week they're out and in the divided coop/run, they're about 5-6 weeks old. The younger chicks need their larger brooder.


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When I've tried to put younger (2ish month old) pullets in the flock, I've had way more issus with the older hens killing them than the rooster. When I've had pullets raised in the flock I've not had the rooster try to mate exceptionally immature pullets, and I'd cull any rooster that aggressively tried, especially if he were older than they were. Same age cockerels can mature faster than pullets so may try to start mating before the pullet is fully ready, but a mature rooster should wait until they're hitting maturity. Mine always have.

If chicks aren't raised by a broody hen in the flock, I've had really bad luck trying to put them with the older girls before 4ish months.

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