Best brooder bedding?

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Dec 13, 2017
Huntsville, Utah
This is my first time having chicks in a brooder in the house. Have only had raised by broody hen before. I have tried towels and paper towels and not working great. Are wood chips the answer? If so, is there a certain type to get or avoid?
Shavings. However, IMO, brooding in the coop or an outdoor brooder is by far the best choice. That way, they can be on your DL, and be brooded with a MHP style system. No more indoor chicks for me!
I totally agree. My significant other decided to surprise me with day old chicks while it gets down to 1F. Didn't know why I wasn't so excited. Are pine shavings ok or is there a preferred shaving? 6 week old Wyanadottes in the house for at least a couple of weeks.
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