best cross mix?

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Jul 28, 2014
Squaw gap ND
Hello, I know I've asked a lot of questions on here and everyone has been amazing!

my next question is... What is one of the best mixes, right now I am going to have for females barred rocks, Australopes, buff rocks, Rhode Island Reds, red sex link, black sex link, white Plymouth Rock,and speckled susex.

as for males I know for a fact I will have one barred rock 1 male Australorp,and I could have a chance of having a male speckled susex that was a straight run that I bought and then there's a 90% sexy and accuracy with the rest of the breeds so I might get a male or two once they get older.

I'm only going to keep one male and the rest females what would be some good mixes and suggestions for a male I should keep.

also with my order from McMurray hatchery I'll be getting one rare which could be a rooster so I don't know if I want to breed him or not or maybe I should look to give him away if he's not good egg layer breed or meat

Thanks everyone!
Barred Rocks and Black Australorps lay better than Speckled Sussexes in my opinion (though I am just now getting into BRs myself).

So I would keep the ones with the best egglaying blood, such as the BA or BR.

However, with roosters you really want to keep your nicest one!!!

And moreover, it is good to have a backup rooster if possible. But if you don't have many pullets you don't want them to be overbred, so if you only have say, 10 hens, then you only want one rooster in with them.

If you can't decide and they start overbreeding the pullets, you can make a bachelor pen and pen all the boys together.
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