Best cull method for necropsy?


Feb 10, 2019
Southwestern Pennsylvania
I hatched some faverolles this spring from two different breeders. The one breeder’s birds are not doing so well. I have had two mysterious faverolles death and a mysterious silkie death in the past three months. I am highly suspicious that mareks is destroying my flock. Currently, I have a faverolles pullet that was completely healthy and is now unable to walk. She was treated with Corid, toltrazuril and then eventually vitamins (Corid was no longer being administered at that point) to rule out coccidiosis or a vitamin deficiency. She is now at the point where I feel that she needs to be culled. However, I’d like to send her to be necropsied to see what is going on with my birds. I was planning on using tree pruners to do the job, however I don’t want to decapitate her. Sorry to be so graphic, but if I put a washcloth around her neck before I cull, do you think that will keep her body intact? I just want the best specimen to send into the lab, but I’m worried what the lab workers will think… if I’m being honest. I’ve only ever sent a baby chick to be necropsied and she died on her own. Thanks! I know this is a sensitive topic.

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