Best feed for Sebastopol's for winter


10 Years
Aug 13, 2009
Dryden, Michigan
I feed mine a mixture of greens, grains and some cracked corn. As they havent ate much at all this summer with having 10 acres of pasture to share with the horses. So I was wondering what everyone finds as a good mix to keep them in excellent condition in the cold winters.
In the winter I use scratch and Flock Raiser, and any greens I can get economically. I have found them to eat cabbage, collards, broccoli stems, chard and of course lettuce trimmings. I have made good use of frozen thawed peas (which can be bought in large bags cheaply). I also offer apples and all kinds of winter squash that I grow and store. I try other veggies and fruit seasonally.
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