best hardware for outside aviary?


Feb 8, 2021
Hello peeps, i am building an outside aviary, and i am thinking about using something like this: 48'' x 100' 1/4inch Hardware Cloth 19 Gauge. for fencing.
The aviary is going to be around 10' by 12'. Concrete flooring, and most likely going to have some sand/mud substrate on top. I am going to be keeping mostly finches, a few parakeets, and quail.

I'm a bit confused about the PVC and vinal coating bit....? any one with some experience about this would be a great help! I am going 1/4" because of annoying rats/mice that might get in and eat up bird seeds or even the eggs. Also we get stray cats, and random racoons/possums that come around.

Any other advice is greatly appreciated.
I would think building an aviary for your small flighted birds should be constructed quite similarly to the way a run would be for ground birds like chickens.
That being the case I would avoid putting concrete down for a floor and leave it bare earth and cover it with organic debris like wood chips, pine straw, dry leaves, or any other convenient dry organic matter you have at your disposal. Additionally 1/4" hardware cloth is not as strong as 1/2" hardware cloth. Half inch hardwood cloth will easily keep out mice and rats.
Just as with a chicken run I would also recommend installing a 2 ft predator apron around the aviary base. Construct a solid roof on top and I think that would be an outstanding aviary.
Like this without the coop.
interesting, i thought having 1/4" 19 gauge would be stronger than 1/2" inch 19 gauge? more metal! more strong!?? i am guessing i am misunderstanding something here.
1/2" would be nicer for sure, i was first thinking about that since it is more spacing, and you can view the birds better.
As for substrate, i was thinking about going for around 4"-6" of dirt/sand mix..... i am building the aviary right on our back yard patio which is a huge concrete floor with a nice solid roof. I will for sure still have a mesh roof on top of the aviary. The rest of the our back yard is oddly shaped hexagon? octagon? that goes around the side of the house, and i just want the birds right next to me when i walk out haha.

thanks again for the info! always learning new stuff is neat! :D
1/2” can keep out mice. Tighter 1/4” mesh increased surface area will collect more funk and look more dirty, also harder to clean. Vinyl coated may last longer, but costs a tad more - you can also just paint regular galvanized with a roller very quickly. I believe dark/black color mesh will trick your eyes so it’s more transparent.

Instead of PVC maybe look into cattle panels or remesh concrete reinforcement wire as your starting structure.

To contain your sand floor, perhaps box border with fence boards or pallet slats.
yeah, i was thinking about putting up some foot high wood boards on the bottom of the aviary to keep in the substrate. Great points about the 1/4 getting messier, didn't think about that.
yeah, i was thinking about putting up some foot high wood boards on the bottom of the aviary to keep in the substrate. Great points about the 1/4 getting messier, didn't think about that.
Definitely put up at least 4" boards along the bottom. Wish I did that with my aviary, the quail sent a lot of sand outside.
Yeah, i had quail in smaller hutch before.... they are messy lil dudes.

So..... am... about the frames... i am thinking of doing metal instead of wood... just feels like it would be stronger and, honestly easier for me to be build?? some how when i used wood it always comes out slighting not 90 degrees right.
I am thinking of trying out Aluminum Extrusion? is there a better easier way to make metal frames??


and use these for corners..?

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