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    I had a batch of button quail eggs in the 'bator, and had messed up my timing - the chicks were due a few days before I was going on vacation. Somewhere in mid-incubation the 'bator was unplugged for an entire day, the eggs were cold when I caught this and plugged it back in. In my exuberance I cranked the temperature, it climbed to over 105 before I caught it... not sure how long it was like that or what the internal temperature of the eggs got to. Hatch day came and went, I left for the shore and told hubby that the eggs were probably a loss but to check them just in case. 2 days later he calls - I have 20 chicks running amuck. The brooder was set up, alls he had to do was add feed/water and plug in the light... and catch the little devils (they're like chickens on speed, but carpenter-bee sized - will easily fit though .5" mesh) I had one hydrocephallic chic, the others were fine, and that bird actually lived for nearly a year before he started having issues.

  2. That's a fantastic story! I don't have any stories, all my hatches are wonderful but average. Had some hatch a day early that's about it.

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