Best hatchery to order Black Australorps from?


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Jun 29, 2012
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I had to get rid of my chickens when I moved and will be looking to replace them this spring. I had aussies and red sex linked layers before. I really liked the aussies and I'm looking to get at least 25 of them to start off my flock. I'm looking at buying from Meyer's, McMurray's, or Sand Hill. Sand Hill is the most expensive at $3 per chick for straight run, but they say that they select for fast growth and egg production, but Meyer's is the cheapest at $1.71 per chick for 25. I plan on breeding my own replacement chicks after I have a good foundation flock established so I don't care whether they are sexed or not.

Has anyone ordered aussies from either of these three hatcheries and if so what did you think of them?


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I'm not sure what your goals are. Egg laying obviously but is meat production included?

I've gotten Black Australorp from Meyer and Cackle. I had some go broody from boith, but the ones from Cackle had a higher percent go broody.

They were all good for egg laying. When I factor in that I got the Cackle ones in the spring and the Meyer in the fall, they are probably equivalent. I think the Cackle ones wound up being a bit bigger when fully grown. I don't know if the time of the season I got them influenced that.

I've hatched chicks from both sets. Both had nice big sons for the pot, but again I'd go with Cackle and that's not because of the time of season.

Both Meyer and Cackle were OK and met my expectations, but if I were to do it again, I'd order from Cackle.


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I don't know if you ended up ordering chicks yet but I just wanted to let you know that I picked up my order of Black Australorps from the post today from Cackle Hatchery and they were in marvelous condition. They sent them priority from MO to VA and they shipped in 1 day. The chicks were peeping and super healthy. None seem droopy or questionable. Very happy with Cackle Hatchery!!!

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