Best height for a quail pen?


One Earth!
12 Years
Jun 18, 2007
I have a little pen that I am going to convert into a place to keep 3 Coturnix females, and was wondering if it is too tall? It is 2 feet tall.
Okay, Great! It seems like I heard somewhere that if they are tall enough for them to fly they can hit their heads on the top and break there necks lol?
Hi there, I'm new to quail mine are 8 weeks and we have 20 of them in a colony.The pen is 4'x8' and it is about 5'6" tall. We put that netting that you wrap around cherry trees 8" below the roof so when they fly they don't get hurt. It seems to be working well for them and this way my son can get in there and clean it out. I'm thrilled that he can do "farm chores" in the city. Hope this helps.
Coturnix aren't really much for 'boinking'. Certain colors are worse than others, but mostly they just run around
Most of my cages are 2 foot high, or close to it, and I haven't had any problems.
I am really glad then! The pen I am putting them in is just about 3' x 3' and 2' tall. I think I am just going to put 3 females in it. They are just the wild type looking ones.

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