Best large duck?


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May 6, 2009
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I've had bantam ducks (calls) for years (or did until last fall, when the first wave of coyote attacks wiped out my duckies!) but now that I have built a predator-proof barn of impenetrable impenetrability, I would like to get more ducks and I would like to get bigger ducks. I've never had the larger fowl ducks, but some people in my area are selling Khaki Campells, Cayugas, Muscovies, and something called a Golden 300. I live in southeast Arizona, and the ducks would have a kiddie pool to swim in.
So what's the best breed? Lays eggs and is at least somewhat attractive? Not too aggressive, as there are younger kids that might go in the coop? Can get along with chickens fairly well, if possible? I'd go hunting on the poultry blogs, but I know y'all are the most knowledgeable bunch of poultry enthusiasts on the planet, so it's just easier to ask you. Thanks, everyone!


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Jul 25, 2013
I have/had both Khaki Campbell and Cayugas.

Khaki Campbells are smaller duck (but not as small as call ducks), very good layers. Mine became quite friendly once they associated us to the treats we brought them :)

Cayugas are a bit bigger than Khakis, they have beautiful colors (greenish black), specially in the sun. They were a bit less friendly than the khaki but I never seen any of them being aggressive (they run away from you). I noticed my Cayuga LOVED to swim, much more than my other breeds.

I know nothing about Muscovies sorry :)

I believe the Golden 300 are hybrids (Khaki Campbell and some other breed?) supposed to be very good layers. I have no idea what they look like though.

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I have the Muscovy out of what you listed... they are actually more goose than duck, not mallard derived and fly. They are a pretty quiet duck so compared to calls(which i have too) they will seem broken voice wise.

They are decent layers and massively broody monsters.. they are documented for their fly eating capabilities and roost, yes like chickens. Females more than males as they get a bit heavy to get up to high.

They can be very personable, generally quite the foragers. They are not quite as swim hungry as mallard derived ducks, they do like a swim now & then but are happy just as much on land. They still hold the majority share of my duck breeds here.


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I've had a bit of everything. I settled with muscovies tho. All other domestic ducks are derived from mallards. Mallards are very territorial, and affected our entire flock. Muscovies aren't the prettiest, but I've found them to be the easiest keepers, sweetest, and most personable of ducks.
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