Best long term egg layers?

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6 Years
Sep 1, 2013
Exchanging our 3 Isa Browns for more long-term laying chickens, and would appreciate people's input on what to get. The Isa Browns haven't laid an egg in over 3mths. Two are over 2 yrs, and even the 3rd, which is around 18mths - 2yrs, is no longer laying! I've since been told that this is common with this breed though, which was deliberately bred that way for the commercial market?? So, we are now looking for good layers to supply eggs for a family of 5 over a longer duration. We live in a hot and humid climate of suburban Australia, and already have a White Leghorn, an Australorp, and two silkies. They all free-range around a very large backyard.
Where in Australia are you based? I am in Perth and whilst I don't have Isa Browns, the chickens I do have (of various breeds) have only just come back into lay over the last month as the weather has gone a bit warmer. I have Silkies, Polish and Houdans and the oldest is about 2 years, the youngest 1 year. The Polish seem to be the best layers of my bunch, in my opinion. I am not sure if Isa Browns will also quit laying over winter, but it's possible.

Edited to add: I didn't get any eggs in June and July from any of my chickens.
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I am in Perth as well and I find that my Blue and Black Australorps are great winter layers. I always have a good supply of eggs through winter. Summer is probably the worst for my lorps in the laying department as this is when mine take a break however I usually add 2 - 3 breeding birds each year so the pullets tie me over summer and then in winter I have hens and pullets laying. Yesterday I got 7 eggs from 8 birds. June through to November is when my egg production is best.
Thanks. I'm on the Gold Coast, so not much in the way of a cold winter here. Don't know why they've stopped laying :-/

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