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Sep 8, 2009
We had decided to wait until spring to try to hatch eggs with a broody hen....but when I saw 8 fresh eggs and a broody, I could not resist trying. We moved her inside to the brooder and she is sitting nicely on the eggs and taking care of them. (Thanks to you all who gave me advice on how to successfully move her inside!)
Now, my question is this....we have soft shavings in the floor of the brooder ( also in the coop and nesting box that she is used to). Is this material okay for newly-hatched chicks, if we are so fortunate? It is well-ventilated with wire mesh on each end and on top.
What sort of shavings? Pine is ok. I would prolly stick with a shelf liner underneath for the first few days, and only have a sparse amount of shavings scattered. Then as the chicks gain their "sea legs", I would put in more shavings.
Just to cut down on the chance of them trying to eat them, and reduce the chance of spraddle leg.

they are pine. And these are a little smaller, and softer than some we've used before.
thanks for the suggestion. Should I just gradually move some out as the hatch date gets closer? right now, Mama is nesting on it--about 2 inches deep.
thanks so much. I am trying not to be over-involved, but this is our first time so I do want to set them up for success!
Not at all - good idea!
I am hoping to set some eggs under a broody silkie in the spring, but that is contingent on one of my two silkies being a hen. Hopefully they BOTH are hens. Incubators are fun, but I cannot even imagine how sweet it will be, watching a mommy hen lead around her babies!

i'm sorry to be honest. when my hen (passed year ago) broody 3 years ago, she is laying on ground that only covered by little few dry banana's leaves that she collect herself and she hatched it well with hot of sunlight and cool of night and damp of rain (little protected area from rain), and now i can only have little hatch rate with incubator that located in safe place inside my house
, momma hen know the best i think.

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