Best Packing Practices for Shipping Hatching Eggs

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    I have been buying hatching eggs because what I want are not
    normally available from hatcheries.

    I have a dozen eggs sitting here that I picked just up at the PO &
    about half have detached air cells. What should have been really exciting,
    is a big disappointment to open a package and see a lot of paper towels.
    Are the pt's there to mop up? Am I wrong to feel this way?

    I am going through other threads on how to
    best handle them during incubation.

    I have had what I thought was poor packing and some of them I do respond to
    the seller so they could have a happier buyer in the future. Is it wrong to
    communicate to them that you are disappointed?

    I came upon this thread:

    which had some excellent points RE: PACKING.
    What are the thoughts by others on BYC about developing some
    Best Packing Practices for Shipping Hatching Eggs?
    I would love to see some standard accepted practices.

    As buyers, should we request packing be done a certain way?
    I much prefer to seeing bubble wrapped eggs so they are cushioned.

    Yep, I know buying shipped eggs are a BIG RISK, so I get what
    I get........
    I feel better writing this down. Thanks for tolerating my rant.
    I hope I get some replies that also help make me feel better.
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    If your eggs arrived broken, then yes, you should let the seller know, especially if you feel they weren't packaged well.

    The best packaging I've ever rec'd was done by two BYC members. One of the members puts her eggs in these foam blocks that have spaces specifically for the eggs. Those eggs are very well cushioned and they don't move.

    Another member puts a good dense layer of shredded paper in there, and more paper, and the eggs are spaced nicely and they were each individually bubble wrapped. Those eggs were packaged so densley with the shredded paper, that they didn't move around in the box, and also it took me quite a good amount of time to find them all! haha

    Now, unfortunately, I don't think it's fair to call a seller about detatched air sacs, because that happens when they get handled roughly during shipping. The seller needs to get you those eggs intact, and that's where their repsonsibility ends.

    But if you think they were packaged loosely, then by all means, let the seller know.

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