Best place to have chicks this time of year


Aug 18, 2015
So I have a quick question . I have been reading a lot that its not good to keep chicks in the house . So I was hoping to get some opinions here on what others do . My situation is I live in Colorado its very cold right now I do have a garage but even iwith a sweeter heater not sure if that would be ok . I did have some chicks I wound up bringing to the Vet I thought they were having respiratory p problems They checked out fine Vet thought that it might be the bedding I am using kiln dried pine shavings or just indoor dust etc,So anybody else out there in a colder climate how do you house your little one this time of year ?
There is nothing wrong with brooding indoors, it's how most people care for their chicks. If it's very cold outdoors, you will have to expose them to those temps gradually. At first, just a few minutes at a time, then longer and longer.
I brood indoors in the bathroom for the first couple weeks, under a heat lamp. Then, I move them out an unfinished room next to the garage, nearly a constant 50* thanks to the concrete floor. They still have a kiddie pool full of shavings and hay with their heat lamp, but they have the whole room to run around in. Once they are mostly feathered, usually by 6 weeks old, they go out to the grow-out coop outdoors. By 10 weeks old, they begin integrating into the main flock.

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