best place to sell?


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8 Years
Jun 5, 2011
Because of my husbands work we are moving in the spring, and connot take my turkey hens with us. Where is the best
place to try and sell them?
a dog crate to my house maybe
i still need a shed, all my meat birds just ran freely in their pen with small covrs. what breed are they?
where are you and what kind of turkey do you have? you can post on byc in the » Other Poultry place.
They are two BBB females. I watch their weight extremely carefully so inturn I have had no leg problems with them. They are Great with people, more interested in us then anyone else. Have never tried to fly away, although i think they are to bulky and couldnt get off the ground if they tried. I will be selling them In the spring as that is when we are moving
Im so sad that I have to leave them I really dont want to they are my little buddies. We are located in Montana I doubt any of you are around here, but let me know we are willing to deliver up to a certain distance

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