Best Set-Up if I want 3 dozen eggs per day

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    I currently have a 4x8 coop with a 20x8 closed in run for 6 hens (various breeds). These are our personal egg laying hens and pets. This set-up is great for them.

    However, we are opening a country store in the Spring and we plan on selling a couple dozen eggs a day if not more. Now we will only be open 4 days a week so we can stock up the other 3 days.

    I plan on keeping our "pet" chickens separate and building an entirely new coop for the "store" chickens. I'm thinking about getting 25 hens. Any ideas on a cheap coop build that is spacious enough and functional/practical for that many birds? Any ideas on which breeds to buy for maximum egg production and able to live in tight quarters with many other birds? I live in Delaware so we do get fairly chilly winters.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    I am not sure what your climate is like (not from the US) if it doesn't go bellow freezing very often and doesn't slow for more than a couple of days at a time a second hand 8x8' garden shed that you could pick up cheaply would be ideal and would be easily set up, just put in some nest boxes and roosts). If it does get very cold and snows for much of the winter you would need a 10x12 shed. Make the run as big as you can at least 300 square feet.

    If you wanted a definite 3 dozen eggs a day 25 hens is cutting it a bit close so you would be better off getting 30+

    if you just wanted layers you can't beat red sex links
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    where in Delaware are you, I am in south( Sussex co) I used an old camper someone gave us. when we have peeps we put up a wall at one end which makes a cage, we left the elec in it so we can turn light on,


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