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Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by irf1983, Jul 29, 2010.

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    None of my local farm stores sell a specific broiler feed. There is a local farm that makes fresh feed. They suggested their show pig mix, which is a corn based mash with a 20% protein content. Does anybody have suggestions for broiler feed. Should I put them on chick starter at first and then switch, or keep them on broiler feed the whole time. Thanks!
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    im no expert and i dont even have meat chickens but i actually have been inquiring about them, i just called my local feed store today, ran by menonites and i trust their word.. the guy told me they should be on chick starter for about 2 weeks, then put them on the broiler/flock raiser.
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    I am new as well but you should probably use chick starter at first. You should also give them chick grit. I have heard/read about some people finishing broilers on corn but it's supposed to be very fatty and raises their temperature so keep an eye out. I used 18% protein broiler feed or all-purpose feed supplemented by scratch grains. YMMV.
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    you are going to get a lot of different opinions and advice on this and a big part of your decision is what you are trying to get out of your birds. (fastest growth, least problems, healthiest, sustainable etc) I strongly suggest doing some searches and heavy reading on this thread and the feed thread.
    To answer your question; I feed mine starter for two weeks, then Flock Raiser (both Purina), with a supplement of cracked corn/red wheat/Boss
    My birds reached the correct weight, in the time frame I wanted, with no health issues.
  5. We feed one lb per bird of Homestead Turkey Starter, then we finish them on Homestead Fast Grow. We don't pull feeders but with the consumption late int he finishing period we day feed by default since we don't use hopper feeders.


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