Best timing for removing a cockerel?


10 Years
Mar 22, 2013
Fresno, CA
Hi All.

I have a group of 6 that I bought as girls, they are 5 weeks or so now and free ranging in the backyard during the day together (with me outside on my laptop). I've noticed that Little Dave (formerly Lady Di) is the ringleader at the moment. Unfortunately, as cute as little dave is, this is a big city. No roosters allowed. So, I found little dave a nice adoptive home outside the city limits. My question is this..... Should I do it now, and remove him so the girls can work out a new pecking order before I move them all into the coop I am building, or would it be better to 'break up the band' after the move (hopefully in a week or so). I'd rather limit the stress on my girls since they are already getting used to little dave being the lookout. At the same time, I feel guilty about rehoming him and keep thinking I should give him as long as possible (until the crowing starts) with "his girls". Am I crazy to even worry about this?

Are you sure its a rooster. chicks can grow at different rates and some just get bigger faster. if it def. is a roo remove it asap for the reasons you suggested earlier.

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