Best Type of Duck Coop?


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6 Years
Jul 22, 2013
I am making a coop for ducks and wanted to do something like this.

If i made a coop like this could i leave my ducks in it during the winter. I have large coop for my chickens but I am just worried that the ducks will get cold (From PA). If they get cold would a heat lamp be enough to keep them warm?
Adult ducks are very cold weather hardy. I have mallards and pekins, and the mallards are in with the chickens (they sleep under the nesting boxes) and the Pekins have a separate coop area that opens to the main run. I provide plenty of hay for the ducks, and they seem to like the cold and snow more than the chickens. My ducks will swim through the snow rather than walking through it! If you provide draft free housing for them that is dry, they will be fine, no additional heat is necessary. One thing I do is cover the outdoor run with clear vinyl shower curtains. This keeps the snow out, and also eliminates the wind. Makes the long winter much more tolerable for all, but mostly me!

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