Best Way To Bathe A Hen??


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11 Years
Sep 5, 2008
I have a hen with a poopy butt and a prolapsed vent. The vent is healing with some Prep H and I have been wiping the area as best I can. She needs a bath...and there is only me to do it. Suggestions??
The advice I got when we had Pasty Butt with my baby chicks was to hold a washcloth soaked in warm water up to the area to soften the poo, or to "dip" that end of the chicken in a bucket of warm water for the same purpose.

It wasn't quite enough to get the job done for my chicks so I had to manually extract the hardened stuff.

I don't know about prolapse, though, so maybe you need to do something different with that...
Maybe a little soak with some epsom salts would help sooth the prolapsed vent and soften/loosen the poo so it could be more easily washed off? I used Johnson's Baby Bath for pasty butt and it worked well for us. :)

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