Best way to build a large covered run?


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6 Years
Dec 27, 2013
High Desert Southern California
I was going to get two chickens, but somehow wound up with four chicks.... the coop is going to be cozy and will probably need to be expanded. In addition I'd like to build a fairly large, preferably portable covered run. Given that we live in the desert and the ground on which the run will be sited is very hard caliche with no forage to speak of, what would be a good size for four standard hens? What's a good design for a covered run that would keep them reasonably safe from the ubiquitous hawks? What can I put in a run to help keep them entertained given the fact that there won't be grass to pick through?


6 Years
Jun 18, 2013
I have my 4 hens in a 10x10 dog kennel with suntuff roofing on top, keeps them dry and happy very easy to set up, for entertainment I hang a cabbage once a week and have a few roost for them to climb around on,I filled the run with sand for easy cleaning and they scratch around all day and dust in it.

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