Best way to evict beavers from your pond?


11 Years
Feb 15, 2008
Beebe, Arkansas
We just inherrited a piece of property that has a nice sized pond on it. The problem we have is that several years ago beavers moved in and have burrowed into the pond bank causing the water level to drop nearly 4-5 feet.
We have been bushhogging and clearing the extra trees to allow access to the pond. Also hoping that will start to change the layout of the land to deter them from wanting to live there.
I am not adverse to shooting them, especially now that they are in season. Even though I consider a pest always in season.

Any other ideas anyone can pass along?


Reads like their digging breached levee / burm. Breach will have to be addressed to restore water level. Generally beaver action has no effect or sometimes increase water level, especially on smaller streams. It is possible muskrats are responsible for breach?

Make habitat less suitable. Do you know which area(s) around pond surving as food supply? Remove trees in that area or bushhog a fifty yard swath forcing them to work iacross exposed area . A dog roaming area where they harvest trees and move tree parts through can reduce the harvesting effeciency making them want to move.

Do you know den entrance location?

Trap or shoot. Latter likely to be a night time activity. Former might cost less in terms of your time.
snares or 220-330 conibears traps snares work better they are merely pushed out of the way instead of a trap firing in their face a snare can be reset many times the animal will keep using the same trail a trap fires in their face a time or 2 and they quit using that trail and they make a new one.

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