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Feb 7, 2011
north Georgia
What is the best way to get started showing poultry? I'm interested in bantams and I'm attracted to several breeds but I guess I've only got room to have one. Would you start with chicks or adult birds (I don't have an incubator and the thought of testing it on good eggs doesn't sound appealing)? Breeding or show quality? Is there a particular breed that is "good" for a beginner or should I just pick what I really like and go with it?

Also I don't have a huge space where I'm living now. Is there a certain number of roosters and hens that is best to work with or could I still do ok with maybe 1 rooster and a few hens?
frist go to a show and ask ? and look at the different breeds if your short on space think about bantams i don't have alot of space where i live so i went with seramas and bantam cornish easy to care for and they don't take up much space at all i have 50 or so birds in cages in an 30ft x20ft spot . so i say try bantams . good luck .
I would say the quickest way, and probably the safest way to go, is with a trio of show/breeding quality adults, from a reputable breeder. Check out as many breeds as you can, and choose. I almost said one breed, once you get looking around, you will find that's not an easy thing to do!
Check out these pages here on BYC to see some of the many breeds! Have fun!!
Also, if you can, try to get a copy of the breed's SOP (Standard of Perfection), and read up on it before you go to a show or a breeder. That will give you a good look at what the particular breed should look like. Remember, just because someone is showing their birds, does NOT necessarily mean they are of good quality! Keep in mind also, that some breeders are less reputable than others, so do your homework first!!
Thank you for the tips and suggestions everyone. I've visited poultry shows before but just picked up a few Silkies I liked and had no intention of showing at the time. I have no idea which breed I really want to work with. I have mostly dealt with hatcheries in the past but I like the looks of several breeds of bantam: Silkie, Cochin, Cornish, among others. lol

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