Best way to go from 2 coops to coop ??


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11 Years
Mar 19, 2008
I have 2 chickens which are about 5 years old. They reside in one coop.

This past year I have raised another 5 chickens in a second coop. They are now about 6 months old.

At this point they are all about the same size.

Both groups have free range of the backyard (about 1/2 acre) and during this time, they group together with no problems at all.

Comes night time, the original 2 go back to their coop, and the younger 5 go back to theirs.

So, I have built a coop that can accomodate all the 7 chickens i have ( all hens). What is the best, stress free, way to get all 7 chickens to use the new coop, so I could eliminate the other 2 original coops??

Also block access to the old coops when you do let them out. Mine were Stubborn about sleeping in the new one. For some reason they preferred to blue-tarp coverd dog kennel with an old rabbit hutch to the 8x10x7 brand new (don't want to think how much we spent) lean-to chicken condo.

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