Best way to keep a Show Silkie's fluff out of her face?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Debbienmousey, Apr 16, 2012.

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    I realized yesterday that my Partridge Silkie pullet(4-5 months old) is having trouble seeing through all her crest and beard fluff. When I got her, about two months ago, she could see fine. I've been taking her out in my garden several times a week but she'd never really move around much, and I always thought she could see fine because she walked, ate, and drank fine in the pen where she usually stays. Anyway, her crest and beard have grown so much (She looks beautiful), but just her beak sticks out and I can't see her pretty eyes, lol.

    Yesterday and today I've been reading about trimming and plucking feathers. My understanding is this: If I trim the feathers, I won't be able to show her until she molts and regrows those feathers. If I pluck them, I should still be able to show her, but the feathers will start growing back right away? I have other chickens, and I know they always tend to molt in the late summer/early fall. I'd like to show her this fall/winter, so I'm not sure if I trim her crest/beard a little, will it grow back in time for showing? I'm also a little nervous about plucking a few feathers, does this hurt them much? I've heard about people using hair gel to keep the crest/beard out of the way and then wash it out for showing, is there any special kind of hair gel you use, or just any kind? Above all, I want to do what is best for her to be able to see, as it seems her appetite has gone done a little. I've been keeping her crest up with a pony-tail holder for now, but she doesn't like it much.

    She can see this way, but she does get it out after a little while.

    So, what is your opinion on the best way for me to keep her crest and beard out of her eyes, while still maybe being able to show her this fall?

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