Best Way to Lower Humidity?


8 Years
Apr 21, 2011
I've been told for the first 18days I should have a humidity of 35-40%. How do I get it that low? I live in a humid climate and the lowest I can get the humidity is 47% and really hard to keep it at that range. I can keep it steady at 50%. I have no idea how to get it to around 40%. I think it might be impossible because of the climate I'm living in. The humidity levels when a hen sits on her eggs must be in the 70% range NO?. So why can't the incubator be 50%-60% for the first 18days? The RH during the day here is 70-90% depending on the weather.

My homemade incubator has 2 small air holes one on either side about 5/8 round and a small trap door for turning the eggs.
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