Best way to 'move' my girls...

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by fldiver97, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. fldiver97

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    Aug 5, 2009
    Middleton, WI
    OK, I got the windows delivered. I should be able to install them tomorrow. The the garden shed should be OK for the chickens to move in. But....I am worried about moving them. I will move their current coop (a Chick'n'Barn, fre fab) into the shed so they can sleep in there or lay in there if they want. If they find the 8x12 shed to cold, I hope they can spend the coldest nights in the coop within the coop?? Will they know to go back there if I let them run around in the yard as they are used to? Should I confine them to the shed for few days?? How should I best move them?? Scoop them up in carrier and place them in the closed shed?? I can get a temporary run attached to the shed for a couple of days if it would be OK to let them out in there. I just want to make sure they know where their new place is and not have to round up chickens at night. I also don't want them to stress too much over it. Plus they should start laying soon.....Any suggestions? Thanks

  2. trilyn

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    Apr 13, 2009
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    Good Lord woman! [​IMG] I just grabbed mine, put them in a cardboard box and hauled their butts to the coop! Seriously! Then I locked them in there for a solid week and then they were let out into their run. After a couple of days of them having access to the coop and run, I let them out to free range. No problems at all as far as getting them back into the coop. I always let them out about 2-3 hrs before roosting time and it has worked out well. I understand that you're nervous, but they're a little hardier than all of us nervous nellies give them credit for! Good luck!!
  3. Country Heart

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    I'm new - but that sounds like great advice to me [​IMG]
  4. fldiver97

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    Aug 5, 2009
    Middleton, WI
    trilyn - I guess that's what I'll do. I just hate to lock them up but on the other hand, I'd like to know where they are at night....and hopefully they'll start laying and where they're supposed to. I am not usually a nervous nellie, at least not with humans, cats dogs or larger things.....but them chickens...that's still foreign territory.... [​IMG] Thanks!!

  5. trilyn

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    Apr 13, 2009
    East Syracuse
    Quote:You're welcome! [​IMG] I understand about being nervous with the chickens-they're still new to me and I learn so much from byc everyday!
  6. MistyValley

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    Sep 4, 2009
    Patterson MO
    They will do fine in a few days. And yes this is the best place in the world for help!
  7. newchickmom

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    Nov 8, 2007
    Lafayette, Indiana
    I will be ready to move mine soon also. The new coop is a lot bigger for them and they have already been in there checking things out while we are working.

    I will just lock them in the new coop for a few days, then let them in the run and out to range. They will be using the same run, it will just have a new and better fence. They won't be able to get back in the old coop, so I hope they don't get confused [​IMG]

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