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May 16, 2020
Hi! I'm doing a presentation on which chickens are the best and the worst. I'm rating them mostly based on their temperament, but also on egg laying (or lack thereof) and I'd love your input and experiences.
Jul 15, 2020
Washington State 8a/8b
Silkies personalities from what I've seen are 50/50, some are nice, some are awful, but they rarely lay and tend to be always broody, good for some people, bad for others. The feathers don't do good in all places (weather/temperature) either.

Most birds that lay white eggs (leghorn, buttercup, fayoumi, etc) are flighty, skittish, slender, good foragers and bad at being confined. Good for some people, bad for others.

Larger breeds, Cochin, Brahma, Orpington, Wyandotte, tend to be fairly calm, maybe a little dumb (gentle giants usually) generally weak flyers, but feathered feet aren't for everyone (not all breeds listed have feathered legs)

Easter Eggers are one of my favorite "breeds", you could buy ten and not a one would be guaranteed to lay a blue or green egg but the beard is cute (not for everyone) and the wife range of colors Is really cool to me. They tend to be loud mouths and fairly bossy from what I've seen and experienced.

Never had one but people sing infinite praises about naked necks/turkens, despite the literal naked necks (which some don't like) they tend to be cold hardy, good mother's, and lay decently.

My mom's favorite are bantam EE x bantam cochin crosses (alongside EEs, Cochins, favorelles, etc) and there's something to be said about the love for mix breeds. Especially when you hatch them yourself and get to see your little misfit weirdo grow up into a weirdo little bird <3


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Sep 29, 2014
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It can depend on what lines your birds come from as to how well they lay. Our Orpingtons have never been fantastic layers, and they aren't my favourite birds. Some birds lay well, such as production breeds, but this can also lead to health problems after they are only a couple of years old.

For cuteness factor and personality I love our Old English Game bantams. Mine lay well, are fantastic broodies who will raise anything (very important to myself personally), and it's a joy to have a tiny bird come flying over to you because they are excited about the goodies you are bringing them. Our little rooster is a lovely, sweet boy as well and I never have to worry about the kids being around him.

My Booted bantams are also fantastic little layers and very sweet girls.

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Jun 16, 2019
ABQ, New Mexico
@sadness child Do Buckeyes tolerate heat? They have a small comb and stocky body. I am so curious about them, but I am in Arizona.
So I am in New Mexico, but I know your temperatures get a lot higher than mine. With that said my male Buckeye did fine, as long as you give them plenty of shade. I do not know if this helps or not, but I also give my chickens ice water during the heat of the day

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