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12 Years
Mar 28, 2007
Memphis TN
Well I did it, I got on Bev's list for Black Copper Marans hatching eggs. I am very excited. I do not know at this point when they will arrive but It will be fun hatching them out.

Has anyone else hatched out Marans from Bev and if so what do you think about them as well as dealing with Bev herself (she has been very nice so far.).

There is a man close to me that has these babies ans eggs for sale I was thinking about getting some are they any different to raise from normal chickens??
i hatched out blue marans from bev last year. i'm hoping to get another dozen this year to increase the flock.

this is the boy i kept. he has good foot feathering. i also have a splash boy with foot feathering but he's not as big.


and i have two girls. one is clean legged the other feather legged.




and this is the eggs they lay. sorry the eggs aren't very clean. and this was right when they started laying. currently, one lays a 3 and the other lays a consistent 4. both lay eggs that are ex-large to jumbo's, nothing less than 2.2 oz. it's been about 3 months now so what they lay should be what i get. i love their eggs and so do my customers. the shells are very hard. the big brown egg next to them is from my cherry egger. she lays nothing less than 2.5 oz.

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it took a good 6-7 months before they started laying. but it seems all my hens (whatever the breed) are slow starters. they laid their first eggs Christmas day. both of them together, go figure. i guess they wanted to give me a present for the long wait. after that, they have been laying very consistently. i get around 8 eggs a week between the two of them sometimes less, sometimes more.
oh, sorry, i ordered them last winter ('06/'07) and got them in may of '07. but this was before she got her 3 page list of people wanting her eggs.
I've been on her list since last year for her Black copper marans and I was on page 10 then. Have no idea when I'll get mine. I did email her and was told she is working on the list but couldn't give a timeline as to when I would get them.
I have been on her list since last year for wheatons and BCs too. She is very nice to work with and probably has the best reputation of any marans breeder out there. She does an awesome job packing her eggs.

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