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Would just like to give everyone my experience with this breeder. I bought some chicks back in June, met John and toured the facility where he keeps his birds. Everything is clean and organized and all the birds appear very healthy and he is very nice. When I got home placed chicks in brooder and within 24hrs spotted bloody stool....started them on corrid but unfortunately lost several chicks..but John was very nice about it, commenting that perhaps the stress of the ride brought out the cocci and offering to replace. So while I heartily recommend this may want to start you chicks/poults fowl on corrid or medicated starter just incase :)
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You are correct in warning people as cocci is extremely prevalent and common in chicks, but also easily treatable and curable
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Trying to figure out how to post some pics of my welsummer and light Brahma girls from LLF on here they are BEAUTIFUL ;) will do so once I figure it out
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That's such a shame. I didn't buy chicks from LFF, but I did buy four pullets. It has only been one month, but they are all doing great. (And any health problems that arise now wouldn't be from LFF.) So like the OP, I recommend this breeder. My four girls are happy, healthy, and growing fast! I cannot wait for them to start laying!

PS - he helped me out on short notice even when he had a family emergency. So if we decide to go up to 5 chickens (we are only zoned for five), I'll be going back to LFF.
We just purchased 2 pullets from LFF. One of which is 6 weeks old and I noticed right away has cocci. It's day 3 and I noticed some baldness that seemed a bit much for her age, so I took her in the light only to notice she has mites as well :( The poor thing. The other older pullet seems to be in good health, but I'm hoping the baby ends up okay. Unfortunately, I will NOT be purchasing from LFF again.
I was sent 2 beautiful SLW pullets a few months ago. No problems and doing great. Contemplating a few Marans from LFF
I'm making my first pick-up from LFF next month. So far, I have found John and the team responsive and helpful. But I will post a review of my experience. If a chick got sick, and the vendor took care of it. I don't understand the problem... What does one needs to "beware" of? Beware of vendors standing by their product? Beware of vendors trying to make things right? Seems like a case of someone trying to Internet shame a vendor for a common problem often beyond anyone's control.
I had posted previously about getting 2 chickens, one with cocci and mites. Turns out, the other chicken had CRD now ALL of my chickens are sick and one is dead. And yes, I am 100% positive this is where the illness came from. And I can promise you, even after John was made aware of the chick with mites and cocci, there was NO trying to make anything right. The only thing he did was disable reviews from his facebook and send me and email attempting to justify my sick chicken. Now I see him advertising some "miracle" medication, saying that he has personally TESTED IT on chickens with forms of respiratory illness. Well.. now we know he has chickens that are sick.

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