Bickering Roos

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    Jul 18, 2008
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    I think I already know the answer before I ask it - however, I just want to be sure. I have 2 bachelor brother roos - they have always gotten along together - until this morning. They were really going at it. The "Head Roo" Ricky would step in and break them up whenever they would get a serious grip on each other. I really like these 2 - they were our first babies to hatch and out of 8 - I happened to be "lucky" [​IMG] enough to have kept 2 that ended up as Roosters. Our little herd free range on 2 acres - we have a total of 13 total chickens. These 2 rooster together in the same little bush and it is usually the "Brat Pack" of these 2 - Head Roo Ricky and a white Hen that are always together.

    Is this just pecking order or does one of them need to go?
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    I would say pecking order. If they have that much space to free range one of them will eventually give in. If they where closely confined in a small coop for long periods of time I would consider finding one of them a new home. Another consideration: I have noticed if I keep too many Roos in my flock, they sometimes harass then hens and pull feathers from their backs whiel trying to breed. This could be another reason to reduce the number of roos you keep. I hope this helps.

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