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Is anyone else having a problem with their Muscovey girls picking on each other? here it is getting cold out and now they decide to bicker to the point I had to seperate 2 in another coop last night. I have 5 all together they are picking on one girl. They have slept in the same house since April now they want to pick. The drakes are seperated from them so it has nothing to do with them
Could it be that they are confused with their pecking order? Did you just remove the drakes recently? That can throw off the dynamic and they have to reestablish a new pecking order. Perhaps you can put a drake back with them.
Thanks for your reply, it takes forever for me to reply don't know if it's my computer or byc. Anyway the drakes have never slept with the girls, the 5 girls sleep in their own room, the 2 drakes have their own room and the goose and duck have their own room. they are all in the same house. It's been this way since April. The girl thats causing a the ruckous is the youngest she is 2 years. the others are 6yrs. and 21/2 yrs.the one being picked on is 21/2. She was broody alot this summer but I can't hatch any ducklings so I spent alot of time removing her from the house. They all are together during the day. They free range and hang out together . it seems like it's when they go in a dusk that the problem starts. They have plenty of room to spread out too. hopefully this will pass and all will be calm again.
I can't really help because I am still new really to ducks. I own three call ducks. They are just over a year old. When we first got them they bickered and the two older (by two weeks) girls bullied the youngest for a good few weeks. Finally they settled and we didn't see any bullying again for a good year until about a month ago and now the bullying has started again. Although I have seen the littlest one attempting to assert herself so I think the other two are just showing her where she comes in the pecking order? The only difference pecking order (once it is established) seems to make is, if there is a cat, the alpha duck quacks at it and holds her ground while the other two run to the hut. (They have an electric fence and I work from home so I am on the scene or the cat gets zapped). Once the bickering stops there is no duck that gets extra treats or anything like that, they all share nicely. It is sad to see them bickering again though. I have to stop myself from interfering! I do interfere when it gets too mean tho... although when I say too mean, it's not too bad. No feathers get pulled out or anything. It's generally just a beak up the butt!
Hi Priss, where in the world is the Isle of Wight? sounds really pretty. I guess these girls will finally work things out. The one that was being picked on went into the smaller coop by herself tonight so I put her sis in with her so she wouldn't be alone. I have had ducks for 6 years and they do have their moments but usually not this time of year usually when mating starts up is when they"ll fuss some. Then it was one of the older ones that was being picked on, go figure? I don't get involved but I could tell Emmie didn't want to go into her house last night so thats when I gave her the option of the other coop, thats where the chickens lay their eggs most of the time.

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