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9 Years
Jan 13, 2011
ScottsVille, michigan
Lasy year I gambled on ordering some hatchery stock mainly because of the new strain of color the orpington breed was offering. I purchased several Blue Orpingtons accompanied by a rooster to breed them with. A healthy price tag came along with these birds. I have some buff orpingtons that are really docile and good egg layers so I thought, what the heck!
I wasn't expecting much size wise because my buffies arn't very big. The buff color have tan legs and yellow skin and the blues have slate blue legs and look like football linebackers! Why such a difference in size?Were they crossed with another breed? I dunno but I am happy they are this size.
The blues are almost half again as big as the buff orpington and they are the largest bird we have ever owned. And I dont mean all feathers either! Their color really isnt blue, but more of a silver grey with black hackles around their neck. Some are solid silver and rare is the splash color which I would treasure dearly to own some. I have a couple of black blue orps which hold the most weight of all my colors.Orpingtons are listed as a dual purpose breed for meat and eggs. We will taste some of their offspring this fall. None of my blues have went broody yet, but my buffies hatched out some blues from our giant blue orp roo. Hes a monster! Tame but huge in size.Pretty much a gentle Ben with his favorite ladies. I hope I get some feedback on how well you may like your blue orps and if you are experiencing the size difference. :p

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