big chicks and little chicks

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8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
i have around 10 week or maybe 12 week old 2 barred rock and one who knows big chicks. i have 2 buff orpingtons and one barred rock about 6 weeks old. the big girls chase and peck the little ones. up until last night the little ones were still inside at night i had been taking them out during the day. i only have one pen and one coop. what can i do to get all of these sleeping together. right now i have the pen halfed off and the big ones get the coop and we have throwed something together for the 3 little ones to sleep in. i am unhappy with the sleeping arrangements what can i do. the big really want to bully the little ones. the little ones flew over the sectioner we have in the middle of the pen and were sleeping on top of the coop. i got them off and put them in what we have for them covered it part way with a towel and they were fine. i took them off top of the coop cause i thought they might get chilled. HELP
I had the same problem and just put a temp wire between them so they could see each other, but the big ones couldn't pick on little ones. A few days later I took down the wire and they are all roosting together and getting along great now:)
i heard that the big ones would kill the little ones. is that true? i am worried to death about leaving the big ones with the little ones unattended. they are about half their size.
I do the same as doramechicks.

I monitor the first time that the wire comes down and ensure nobody comes to any harm It is much easier if they are free rangers as everybody has space to sort themselves out.

Never had a real problem (and I have 5 adult roosters).

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