""BIG"" Jewelry SALE

Bare bottom farm

10 Years
Aug 23, 2009
White Pine
These are all hand made by me. The necklace is right at 16inchs it is made of turquoise chips and hematite with a dream catcher charm with 3 feathers. From left to right
1) earrings:blue gold stone and blue lapis with feather charms.
2) earrings:turquoise chips and shells with feather charms.
3) earrings:red coral and turquoise chips with feather charms.
4) pendant: crab agate and shell with across charm.

I need to sale most of my jewelry to make room for new.
I take paypal,Thank you, and if you have any questions please pm me.

These would make great Christmas gifts or just something nice for your self or you could resale them.
Those are beautifull! But I don't have my ears pierced anymore

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