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Aug 17, 2013
OK I know my two big stock roosters are mixed but I'm not sure of the mix. They are full brothers. One orange and goldfish with white legs, one blue and gray with blue legs. They have small beards. I'd like to know if anyone has suggestions of what they may be because I'd like to find them some hens of same mix or at least one of the breeds. I will also say the roosters are still consider stags but stand 2ft tall. I've never saw them that big so I'm not sure if its part of their breed.
Ya, they look like Easter Egger boys. Easter Egger is a popular name for the mixes that have Ameraucana/Araucana somewhere in their ancestry. They are not a breed with a standard like Ameraucana & Araucanas are. is the website to the Ameraucana club, they have a FAQs page that talks about the differences.
OK. Thank you both. Now I just need to find hens for them. I like my rooster because they are big but very friendly.
when you're looking for hens, you'll look for hatchery or feed store birds called aracaunas or ameraucanas, that's what they'll be sold as. If from a private breeder they might call them Easter eggers or ameraucanas, either one. You're just looking for a bird that's bred to lay blue or green eggs.
Or Americaunas. Because changing the spelling makes them a breed. Or they want people to think Ameraucauna instead. Or something

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