Big Storm Last Night!


10 Years
May 2, 2009
Woods, TX
We had a big storm come through last night and I thank god for the rain we need so badly. I am out of town and my wife calls this morning to tell me one of the turkey pens is in a ball! She did say the birds all looked to be standing around the mess wanting to get back in. She had to take the kids to school so there in nobody home now. Then my neighbor down the road calls while taking his kids to school and said his dad just came by and there is a turkey under his wifes car and his lab was keeping it there!
Why does this stuff happen when you can not do a thing about it! I should be home by 3:00 today but this is going to eat at me all day!
Got home and checked out the dammage. I lost my big Narra tom but thats all. Lost him to my neighbors dog as he wondered over there
Sorry your TOm got it. It is endlessly frustrating when such things happen and we can do nothing. Glad you got some rain!

WE have a big hurricane headed our way. Big and wide, and we're likely to catch the worst of it. It is what it is.
Hate to hear that you lost a turkey, but at least you got some much needed rain! We got a light sprinkle out here for a few minutes this afternoon.
Sorry about the tom, but try to be philosophical about it. The damage could have been a lot worse.

Several months ago I had a major branch in an old live oak miss my breeder tractor by a mere foot when it broke out of the tree. The butt end of the branch was nearly two feet in diameter and would have crushed the tractor flat if it been a foot to the left when it fell. We take our luck where we can find it.
Yes, it could have been much worse! I guess Henry was a sacrifice for the rain. It's funny that of all the turkeys I have he is the only one who had a name! You guys on the East coast better have everything buckeled down and you will all be in our prayers. I live in an area in Texas where we know all too well about hurricane dammage. Be careful and get out if you were told to evacuate.

We will miss you Henry.

Wow! He was lovely! I like the BR, but there is something about Narragansetts that makes my heart go pittepatter! Henry was lovely. Only the special ones get names.

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