Billboard tarps


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Apr 21, 2007
DeLeon Springs
thinking about building a hoop house style coop & using a billboard tarp as the cover.

Any of ya'll used billboards before? How many years did you get out of them?

anybody know where I can find one in central Florida so I can avoid shipping?

Seems like it should hold up to the weather. I have what used to be the canvas awning from the in-law's camper on mine. In the winter I cover the whole thing with greenhouse plastic.
Havent tried but I been thinking about it.Another idea i been thinking about Lets call them Banners like tied at Mc Donalds Saying Mc Rib is back.Looked at one there pretty tough.Way tougher than the blue tarps.Anyway Next time I go in I will ask what they do with the things when they come down...cva34

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