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Jan 26, 2010
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This BIN is for 18 eggs, and more if I have them available at the time of shipment. I will not send eggs that are more than 5 days old...it shouldn't take me that long to collect 18 eggs but anyway... Shipping is included in the BIN price. I ship Priority Mail (2-3 - sometimes 4 if you are very fare away) day shipping. I only ship Monday, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays. Depends on where you are located.

All of my chickens (minus the Seramas and Euskal Oiloas) are together and are NOT in their breeding pens at the moment. They are enjoying free ranging with the waterfowl daily and getting their feathers back in the process. ; )

Most of my ladies have molted or are in the process of growing their pretty feathers back, but they are still laying well.

Here is a list of the breeds that are running together: Coronation and Light Sussex, Olive Eggers, LF Black Orpingtons - you will also receive eggs from the Seramas, who are still in their own pen and their eggs will be pure and not mixed, and I have recently put the Euskal Oiloa (Marraduna Basques) back into a pen together, but the EO girl's eggs might not be pure yet it's a 50/50 chance of getting pure EO chicks.

Here is a list of ducks that you could get eggs from: White Pekins, Rouens, Runner mixes, Khaki Campbell, Magpies, Buff Orpingtons. My drakes are Black Runner, Magpie, Pekin mix, and Buff Orpingtons. All eggs cracked open from the ducks were all fertile.

You will get eggs from everyone who is laying!! Several of my new OE pullets are laying, I can include those if you wish, not sure if they are fertile...I don't see how they couldn't be as the roosters are mounting them but being pullet eggs ya never know. : )

SO here is the bargain package I have for ya! ~~~ You will get a fun surprise package of 18 eggs that could be from any of the chickens or ducks!! How fun is that!?

I am dying to see what kind of adorable, wacky babies will come from this assortment of wild egglets so order yours today!

I cannot and will NOT guarantee what the ratio of duck/chicken eggs this package will include it's supposed to be a Surprise! 2ndly I will NOT guarantee your hatch rate due to how the P.O. handles them, how you incubate them, and circumstances out of my control. Be warned, if this bothers you DO NOT ORDER!

However, despite this I've heard egg-cellent reports from my customers who've had good hatch rates from 'my' eggs.
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