BIN - Mix It Up with this COLORFUL and FUNKY variety! 12+ eggs

Oh you have a GREAT variety! Soon as my incubator arrives, I would love to get some from you!
This is a pic that was just sent to me from a nice family who hatched out some of our eggs. Thought I would share what the chicks look like :)

Hi there! Just let me know where you would like them shipped and when (I can usually ship out the date requested) and I will let you know the total. Shipping for one dozen is slightly different than 2 dozen. Each will be individually wrapped in bubble wrapped and then the lot also protected by bubble wrap.

Either pm me or email me at [email protected] :)
I just PMed you about ordering more of these. The little partridge turken EE was adorable & the 1st 1 sold from all of my chicks. Now I have requests for more!

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