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May 26, 2012
Hello everbody! I titled my topic as Biological Clock because I have noticed that when I have my flock outside in their outside pen they seem to refuse to want to go back into their indoor coop if it's before say about 6 or 7 pm. I usually will leave them outside until that time, but there are times when I've had to bring them in early because its getting ready to rain or whatever. When I have to bring them in early I find myself having to Chase them around to catch them so I can get them to go in, but when its the normal time they happily follow me to the coop. Of course I get the occasional chicken that gets out of the line up but my main roo will round them up if he needs to. So, I guess my question is is this normal behavior? If so, then what should I do to make things easier on myself and the chicks for those times I need to bring them in early? Thanks for the help in advance!
Normal. If they had complete freedom to come and go, the chicken would be outside at first pink of morning light and wouldn't roost up until dusk. They are also creatures of habit and cannot understand why on some days they are allowed to stay out until dusk and other days must be put away early. We cannot "explain" to them rationally that we have a business meeting or social function to attend.

Completely normal.
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Agree. Totally normal behavior. However, you can train them. When you feed them treats of special foods, go through a ritual. Shake the feed can and yell "chick, chick. Here chick, chick" as you feed them. After a while they will associate your call and the can shaking with food. They should follow you into the run, or just come running to you when they hear that.

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