Biosecurity when visting breeder?


12 Years
Mar 23, 2010
Rhode Island
Hi everyone!

I am picking up (hopefully)
2 little chickies next week and I have 5 bantams of my own and the breeder has her own flock of bantams. I don't want to expose her flock to my flock and vice versa. I am planning on wearing clothes that were freshly laundered (I will change my outfit after opening the pop door) and wearing my rubber (oh, so cute) rain boots and spraying them down with bleach solution and rinsing before I leave the house. I also plan on: removing my boots and spraying down with bleach solution, leaving them outside, stripping down once the babies are in the brooder and taking a shower and washing the outfit in hot water.
Any thing else? I know that while my flock "seems" healthy and her flock "seems" healthy, this is not something to go on.

A quarantined bird is a healthy bird!
If this breeder is someone you will want to buy from, she will have her own biosecurity system. Likely you will not be allowed too near the chickens.
at most medical supply shops you can get the little booties that will slide right over your shoes. (the blue hospital ones) you can use them and remember to remove them folding the outside to the middle to keep any germs or bacteria on the inside and then dispose of them in a plastic bag. I use these when I am going to shows and fairs.

I can get a box of 100 for $15 .. BUT I get a bit of a discount because I also use these for work too. If I am going to someones house with MRSA, VRE, C-Diff.. ect... I need to protect my shoes so I dont bring it to another patients home

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