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7 Years
6 Years
Apr 10, 2014
Hi, My name is Fred.

I am a newbie but getting kinda old LOL
This is my first time having chickens. I just picked up 10 1 day old barred rock pullets from a breeder in Colunbiaville.2 days ago.
I have them in a 90 gal. aquarium with a 40 watt heat lamp. and, they are doing great.
I am going to house them in an old pickup camper. The camper has a small lower floor space due to the way they are built.There will be room on each side of the floor up about 18" and also the part that overhangs the cab of the truck. By looking at pictures it seems they grow pretty fast. I will have to think about getting them in another brooder soon.
It is so nice that there are many folks from MI. and some that are pretty close to where I live.

Thanks to all who are posting so I can learn to keep chickens.
Thanks Fred

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