Birchen possible in BBS chicks?


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Nov 8, 2017
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You are right, that is how Yellow shanked Black Rocks and Black Leghorns are created ER/ER with ML and other melanizers
Ok thanks, I wasn’t sure because Google wasn’t much of a help and I was starting to think I’d just made the whole thing up. 😅


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Ok thanks, I wasn’t sure because Google wasn’t much of a help and I was starting to think I’d just made the whole thing up. 😅
Just to make sure, Extended Black on it self does not make a bird fully black, E/E birds can have red shoulders. an Undermelanized Extended Black and Melanized Birchen can look nearly identical also E/eWh Co/co+ will look very much Birchen

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Dec 23, 2017
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Ooh, what are your goals for the pattern?
HI Amer :)

I originally thought I'd work back to essentially the same lace pattern as the traditional sebrights - with the specific focus on building up a nice Citrone flock.

But then as I went along I realised I really REALLY love the highly melanised birds and that the incomplete lacing and spangling can actually look really pretty!

This year I've got the dark shanks, dark facial features, featherless legs and henny feathered tails. So I'm on target with those features already.

This year I've also got the beginnings of nice patterns, they're still missing some required genes, so what I have this year is partial laces and the tails still look a little messy - but I'm loving what's developing.

This years ladies I'll be breeding to Citrone Sebright roosters next season to refine those lacings and spanglings <3

I'm calling them "Galaxies" :)

2021 Galaxies C.jpg


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Feb 12, 2021
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Ooh, what are your goals for the pattern?

Not necessarily. Look at these Marans chicks, for example: View attachment 2874486
On Henk’s site it says

“Solid black​

Birchen is often used as a base for creating a fully black chicken. Compared to Extended Black the shank color is less dark, possibly allowing yellow legs more easily.”
That is why I thought these Cochins are birchen based. Maybe I am wrong, but I thought this was the case with most birchen based yellow shanked breeds.
@nicalandia is it true, or am I found false? I’m having trouble backing up what I believed.
Ahh, apologies, I do not have yellow shanked birds. I have some nearly identical Ameraucana chicks that are E/E. Just goes to show chicken genetics are like an onion, or is it a box of chocolates? 😁

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