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    I am an avid bird watcher! And right now the migratory birds are moving thru our area ...and I happened to look out my kitchen window and this fellow was in my feeder!!! He never quit eating as I took several pix...heres the best one I wanted to share!!


    This is a rosebreasted grossbeak. I have several other cool new birds I wanna photo to add to my picture collection...but they will NOT cooperate with me !! [​IMG] soon as they see me in the window, they are gone!
    So am gonna set up a blind I can hopefully get some more pictures before they leave out and head west!!! Will share more if I can get them!! [​IMG]
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    Apr 6, 2008
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    Wow - that is awsome! Why don't we get birds like that here???[​IMG]
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    That is awesome! Such a gorgeous bird and one I've never seen at our feeder.

    I have seen my first Indigo Bunting this year though. Also, I saw a couple of blue finches for the first time ever! We usually get gold finches every year and have a four foot long finch feeder that gets covered. But this year we were visited by two blue finches! I had to rub my eyes because I though they might be bluebirds but nope, they were finches!
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    Quote:Wow! I didnt know there were blue finches!?!
    But, I also saw a indigo bunting yesterday!! It was one of those birds that were so skittish when I tried to photograph them , as well as the goldfinches ..they see me coming [​IMG]
    But I will keep trying!!

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