Birds at the state fair ????


12 Years
Oct 25, 2007
Went to the Oklahoma Arkansas state fair just to see the chickens. As we done last year and was late seeing a lot last time . This year we went at the right time all the birds had been judged and was still there.
WOW wee at the size of the show birds I cant get over how some of them are so big and I mean big.
The bantam birds are as expected at the size I've seen for years.
But the large breed birds are way bigger than any I've ever seen in a back yard flock.
The only birds that was the same size as my birds was the cinnamon queens. The barred rock hen made my hens look like a young pullets. And wow the Blue Andalusian Rooster looked like he was 2 1/2 ft tall what legs he had, the hen was the same.
How are the show birds grown so big?
I've seen pictures of lots of the birds you all have and I think are just as nice and nicer than most of them.
The best bird I seen was a partridge rock hen she was stunning. She won grand champion.


Time Out
12 Years
Sep 4, 2007
I had a guy at the fair ask me the same question. This gentleman said "I thought I had the biggest birds, but wow your are huge" What do you feed your? Steroids?"
I jsut had to laugh.
You cant feed them anything to make them that big. It is good to feed them high quality feed to make them grow to there full potential.
It is the years of hard work and selective breeding a breeder puts in to his/her stock. That is why I decided to get into showing. The birds are magnificent and you learn so much form everyone. The first bird I ever showed. I thought she was big and perfect.......well I went to the show and was amazed to see birds she was competing against. The whole time I was thinking Oh no. Lets just say I didnt place. But I did meet breeders that were more than willing to bend over backwards to help me locate and get better stock.

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