Birds finally paying me back


12 Years
May 23, 2011
Apollo, PA
well i FINALLY got to a point in my quail raising that people are actually believeing me when i say "i have quails". Friend of mine is buying 7 of my wild color egg layers for $5 each, and selling 2 butchered to another person for $6 each

they were both happy to pay the price lol

thank god i got about 12 in the incubator running around, and another 11 in the garage about to go into the grow out pen
One bird at a time, that's all it takes.
That's cool Mibotsu!!

I have a friend with a dog with special diet needs, and she wants to buy a few when we butcher them.

Maybe next week.

I need more hens!

of the 19 I just moved outside, 6 are girls. lol...
That is awesome. Have had mine since August. Wife and kids got me an incubator for Christmas. Hope to start hatching some soon to raise for meat or to sell. So far they have earned their keep by providing eggs for breakfast about once a month. We ate about a dozen this morning.
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