Birds in Love

Garden Peas

5 Years
Sep 23, 2014
Okay, I didn't have my phone, so I couldn't get a picture. But I happened to be hanging out in the pen this morning during grooming time -- everybody was grooming. There were sprinkles last night and again this morning, and lots of new feathers coming in, so lots of grooming going on.

The opal SP and his BFF, the BS hen, hopped up on the perch and started grooming each other. Then she wrapped her neck around his and kept grooming him, while he stood with his beak up and his eyes closed, in obvious bliss.

Is that true love or what? I've always known they adore each other, but this was soooo cute
The whole neck entertwining thing is totally adorable.

I will try to get a photo next time...
As romantic as it seems they are really just checken for bugs
my males check each other also of course they also play leap frog with the stuffed animals

Ps I keep cameras every where LOL

Well, yes, I know they are looking for bugs, but the two of them act like love birds
and they obviously enjoy it

These two are really bonded. They hatched together and they were talking to each other during hatching -- I don't think the male would have made it without her encouragement. It took him an extra day and he almost didn't make it. She pretty much stood by his egg and yelled, and he would call back. Then his feet were badly curled and he was incredibly weak... She hung with him, and they don't get more than a few feet from each other, ever, even though they've been with the other birds for two years. They are sort of protective of each other and they are basically inseparable.

I've seen them groom each other before, but this was the first time I've seen them do the neck twining bit. Don't know how to explain the expression of bliss in words, but if a bird can look blissful, he did

And I, for one, and REALLY GLAD that you take a camera everywhere, because I love your photos! I always get the best camera I can when I replace my cell phones, because I have long since realized that the only way I'm ever going to get photos anymore is with my phone.... Not likely to be published, but some okay snaps, I guess. But of course, the cell phone was in the house this morning...
Oh i bet he was loving the attention because the hens all but ignore the peacocks when deciding which one to mate with here, poor guys are all decked out in their feather wares and the girls just pass them by , fickled thangs

You said it
He was definitely eating it up!

I'm curious ... how often do we see a "pair" that are bonded like this?

And what's with the neck twining thing? It was soooo cute....

I fell off my chair when I saw the last photo with the dog and CAT, then I realized the cat was in other photos... Is the cat just looking for bugs and lizards like everyone else? Too cute

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