Birds starting to sneeze, please help.

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  1. Hello all I have noticed this morning that I have a couple of my phoenix roosters sneezing. I would like to know what to give them to help along whatever they have gotten. I will also be treating for mites since a lot of the birds seem to be losing feathers. The chicken house is clean and not a lot of smell, I keep pine chips inside. I think that is about all the information I have at the moment.
  2. I gotta bump this I really need the advice befor my birds get really sick.
  3. Please, I know someone is a wealth of knowledge for treating birds with colds.
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    Sneezing itself is not a problem unless they are showing other symptoms such as nasal or eye drainage or crusting, eye bubbles, facial or eye swelling, and appearing tired and puffed up. I would look them over thoroughly. Sneezing could just be an irritaion from dust, pollen, or something irritating like new pine shavings. It can be a symptom of infectious bronchitis (IB) which is a virus that has fewer of the respiratory symptoms than other diseases. If you suspect they have a disease such as mycoplasma or coryza (and they should have more symptoms than sneezing,) you can treat with Tylan 50, sulfadimethoxine (Albon or DiMox), Duramycin-10, or Denagard.
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    I used Raw Organic unfiltered un passterized apple cider vinegar. It has to have the Mother in it. My girls were sneezing and after one dose in there water they stop. Walmart now sells the vinegar with the mother in it. heinz makes it
  6. Thanks so much guys I will do a close inspection and check them out. I will then get some of the vinager just to be safe.

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